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  • Débutant : Margarita, Have a good time, Babylon, De mes propres ailes, Coco Banana, Imelda's way, RockaBye Baby, Fame, Sobredosis, LA BICICLETA, ROCKET TO THE SUN, I'M ALIVE, CHO CHO CHOCOLAT, I GOT A WOMAN
  • Intermédiaire : Roma bangkok, So just dance dance, Stitches, J'ai cherché, Get it baby, 1962, On dirait, Gangsta walk, Dancing kizumba, Italiano, 24K Magic, Not your#1, Take me to the river, Pom Pom, I'm free, One dance turn me on, Shady, Dame Mas, Solo dance, Subeme la radio, Clap snap, RockaBye baby EZ, Tick tick boom, Bae, Mi gente, Let me love you, All Katchi all night long, Six Oh!, Havana Cha, Perfect, Rather than talking, Boom Pow, Hello Aloha, Ego, Echame la culpa, Pull you through, Doing the walk, Enough is enough, SOBREDOSIS, THESE DAYS, SURPRISE IN VANCOUVER, NICE TO MEET YA, CUBA LIBRE

  • Avancé : Dirty work, Can't feel my face, Save the day, Whip it, Walk of shame, Shake that, Take me to the water, Funk N feel it, Human after all, Pink champagne, Happily ever after, Shape of you, Run me like a river, Stomp your feet, The boogie, Peculiar game, Power Mix, No stress, Rythm inside, Sexy beaches, Hurt like a chacha, Fever, Love on the brain, Holdin' me back, Beautiful Wonderful, Leave a light on, Watch the tempo, Smoke fire, Best Friend, SO TIED UP, SEE YOU STRUT, THE SECOND TIME AROUND


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    Cours commun New Line
  • Samedi 20 octobre 18h30/23h Salle de danse Péri SMH
  • Samedi 17 novembre 15h30/18h30 Stage - 18h30/23h Salle de danse Péri
  • Dimanche 16 décembre 14h30/19h Salle de danse Péri SMH